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Jeremy Clarksons story

One day when Jeremy Clarkson was presenting Top Gear {for the umpteenth time} he noticed that his car, a jeep that was always parked outside the studio, a delivery truck that was waiting to be driven by Jeremy in the show and the ancient JCB that was always waiting to be smashed were missing. When the show was over, Jeremy went to search for the missing vehicles and how they were missing. He was just about to start the search in the garage when he noticed that the garage door was open. He went inside to see what was in there when 10 lights light up right in his face. Then the sound of 4 engines roared the place apart into little bits of brick. That was when he heard a terrifying laugh. The huge monster rose from its cover and sprayed petrol around the garden. Jeremy sprinted as fast as he could to the studio and locked and bolted all the doors. He tried to think how on earth, would he get rid of the terrifying car/truck/jeep/JCB monster. Then he got it. If the monster sprayed petrol, and if a car gets the wrong fuel it stops working, then what if he swapped the petrol for diesel? It would stop working. So the next morning when Jeremy woke up he went to the fuel tank where the monster re-filled itself, and swapped the petrol for some diesel. He had filled it just in time when the monster came to re-fuel. ‘What are you doing here again, worm?’ said the monster. ‘I..I was just re-filling your…er.. tank because…erm.. it was empty?’, said a hopeful Jeremy. But the monster fell for it. He re-filled himself and started to explode. The next day, Jeremy admired his new garage with a land rover and a Lamborghini.

How the carrots saved Luke Skywalker

(From star wars 6)

Remember when Luke was battling Darth Vader and then Darth Sidius zapped Luke with lightning? Well, the carrots didn’t let that happen.

The story:

The carrots were on their way to Luke on a lovely Monday morning.


Ok, I’ll get on with it.

When the carrots were up on the the ship with Luke, hidden from the bad guys, they got their zap-rays ready for battle, with their good friend, Bart Simpson. The first carrot yelled an order and they all charged. Bart attacked first, using his catapult whacking Darth Sidius in the eye. Then all the carrots attacked the evil Darth Sidius. He was killed and no-one noticed Darth Vader slip away with an evil laugh. When the carrots noticed, they saw his escape pod 95 billion miles away. And from then on, Luke was always protected by a group of carrots.

The haunted house

One morning, James who lives in New Zealand, was playing fifa14 on his x-box, which is in the sitting room. Now, it was 2:32am and he wasn’t allowed on it at this hour. But he was sure he won’t be caught. But he forgot that his parents put a timer on it to turn on at 3:45pm to 4:45pm. So when he went to turn it on, it wouldn’t turn on! Oh, no! The alarm will go off! He ran to his room and got out his suitcase. He put in a stash of sweets that he hid. He also put in some clothes, three bottles of water and his tooth brush. He jumped out the window and ran out onto the road. James ran six miles and he then was in front of the forest. He saw a man, and he said he lived in the forest. He warned James that there was a haunted house in the forest. But James didn’t listen. He ran into the forest. James saw a house. The door was open, so he ran in. To his surprise, Frankenstein welcomed him in. James screamed. James stumbled up the stairs to find a witch torturing a man. She leaped to him and said “Eyeball?” James screamed again. And he ran down the stairs again. He ran home to find his parents at the door. He was terrified. This is all his parents said: JAMES!


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