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Welcome To Rich Society
Have you ever found yourself saying ''everything I try never works out well?'' Trying out your 3rd opportunity to make money, the 10th maybe… being persistent and diligent… and still nothing ever works the way it should?
I know the feeling, I've been there before. But I found a proven and tested opportunity after the many scams I've seen… seriously!
And it's so SIMPLE that you will wonder why no one has ever done this before. Or why you only finding this out now. Once you REALIZE how it works and why it works, it's an eye opening moment. A true "AAAHAAA" experience. Many of the worlds Richest people are using network marketing to grow their earning potential.
You need to check it out, because it will make sense to you. No secret formula, no super-successful secret trader, no free bogus software that just never works.
It's an explained methodology that you can put into action TODAY to earn money tomorrow.
The Rich Society, or RS for short, is a public membership society that was formed in November 2014, by a group of very successful people. The purpose of the club is to enable people to "Have, Be or Do" whatever they want in life. RS is a global society and has Members and Affiliate in more than 50 countries. In short, RS is a very unique success society, unlike any society that has ever been formed before.
RS has put together what people call "the missing link," to help them attain what they want in life. There are multiple dynamics and mechanics in attaining success and RS has them all. RS Members do business with other RS Members. Since the Society was formed, Over R5 million have been circulated in earnings within members, in business that has been conducted between RS Members.
Speakers and Trainers of Rich Society are Leading Experts
Our RS Faculty is comprised of the leading experts in their field; speakers from a variety of backgrounds: Authors, professional, successful entrepreneurs, pastors, and professional speakers. Each of our faculty can be considered an authority.
They teach and train within the RS Membership on many areas, mental health, wealth creation, investing, Self-improvement and awareness, Business acumen, etiquette, numerology, and so many more.
Are you ready to earn what you’re worth?
Are you ready to make more money?
Are you ready to live the life you’ve always wanted?
Then go – do it now. No more waiting around. We’re ready to help you change your life .. FAST!
You are an Independent Business Owner partnering with Rich Society to earn money. 
The listed things below is what you need to start making money. 
Most importantly you need to have the desire to increase or completely replace your current income together with the drive to DO something about it.
1.     Access to a PC (whether it is your PC at home or the PC at work during quiet times or even the Internet café. (All Smart Phones Like Blackberry's, IPhones, IPads, & Androids can also be used). 
2.   Internet Access (Data bundles / WiFi / modem)
3.    A valid E-mail account
4.    A bank account (in order for you to receive payment)
5.  A cell number or landline (Where people can call you or even WhatsApp you)
6.  A Facebook account (I assume you already have one)
To open a pre-account with Rich Society is FREE 
To activate that account so that you can start benefiting from the 100% commission daily income requires a one time only LIFETIME enrollment fee of R1600 when purchasing your online business and receive your own LIFETIME unique link
Every member of Rich Society has bought this LIFETIME opportunity just as you will too.
IMPORTANT!!! This is NOT A JOB. Its a business opportunity that you are entering into.
You do not and will not ever work for me at anytime. You are your own boss.
The Once Off enrolment Fee gives you access to the following:
* Your own Rich Society money making link
* Access to Free Rich Society Presentations countrywide.
* Easy step by step Starter Package
* Marketing material
You wont believe this…. so I want you to read this again and visualize it in your mind.
It is just way too simple and easy as A,B,C
Ready?……… Ok
If you are using social media, follow these 3 steps
A – You Post and Share just one Ad per day (Pictures provided upon joining)
B – You Email you presentation to people who responded and showed interest in your Ad
C – Forward Easy Starter Package to people who joined your link
That's it. Your done.
If you dont have social media platforms you can still get people offline. You simply tell them what Rich Society plans to do to help people become financially free. 
Then u show them the levels that they will be making money on. You only need to find 3 or 4 people in one month and you have just made yourself R32000.
Remember, the money doent stop coming in and you never have to pay again for life.
Check the attached picture for an easy and clear example. Only 3 or 4 people minimum.. Believe me when I tell you that there are so many people than 4 who are looking to add a second income into their paycheck. This is the best and most easy way to do it.
You only need to get just one person in a week for 1 month. That's 4 people only then you already made yourself R32000
Look at the attached picture so u can understand more.
You can get four colleagues, friends, family and whoever you think might be interested in getting extra income
The best part is that its a life time opportunity. 
Find me on whatsapp for a friendly chat if you need any more info. 

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